Getting Laid Off Is Not a Scarlet Letter


Originally published in Entrepreneur

By Carolyn Betts

When WeWork collapsed last October, it was seen as the first loud pop of a bubble about to burst. Of IPO valuations run amok. Of the reckless character of venture capitalism. Coupled with the IPO woes of companies like Uber and Peloton and layoffs from mattress startup Casper to fellow Softback-banked budget hotelier Oyo, WeWork was painted as the harbinger of doom — especially for employees, who were laid off by the thousands. I beg to differ.

As founder and CEO of a company that helps people to find new jobs, and one that’s working with many of those ex-WeWorkers, I’ve helped venture-backed companies swiftly hire to scale for the past decade. I’ve seen these cycles time and again, and what laid-off employees need isn’t a shoulder to cry on, but a few short, helpful tips.

Layoffs are embedded in the very nature of the tech ecosystem, where the rush to market calls for an equal rush of hyper-growth. It often works, which is why venture firms poured a record $136 billion in U.S. companies last year. But occasionally, that growth oversteps reality.

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Carolyn Betts is Founder & CEO of Betts Recruiting.