Is Your Accountant a Wimp?


Originally published in Entrepreneur

By Bruce Willey

I was a few years out of college working at a big accounting firm when I first realized just how much the industry liked to play it safe. I had just been asked to help a client that had been hit with a huge tax bill. While doing research I discovered a totally legal strategy that would’ve saved him six figures.

My boss’s response? It felt too aggressive. They passed, so the client paid.

In the years since, “feels too aggressive” is a refrain I’ve heard from accountants time and time again. For an occupation so rightfully focused on numbers, it’s incredible how often they make enormously consequential decisions on their client’s behalf based on their feelings.

The result is that far too many people are overpaying their taxes. This may be an unpopular thing to say…

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Bruce Willey is CEO of American Tax & Business Planning.