Patient, Quantify Thyself


Originally published in Entrepreneur Magazine

By Florence Comite, M.D.

When was the last time you met a technology CEO who knew how to deliver a baby? And, for that matter, when was the last time you met a doctor who knew how to code?

In higher education, as in life, health care and computer science are two separate and deeply immersive tracks. Perhaps this explains, in part, why the promise of technology to disrupt health care has not yet been realized.

Even as breakthroughs in DNA research, such as genome sequencing, allow a physician to peer into a patient’s biology at the deepest level, and even as consumer devices track our health in real time, the raw data gathered lacks the requisite interpretation — the “processor,” to use code-speak — that’s needed to make it actionable.

Data alone does not a healthy human make. And medical wisdom and medical data do not run together as a program. At least not yet.

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Florence Comite, M.D. is an Endocrinologist and Founder, Comite Center for Precision Medicine.