Success Isn’t About Making One Big Decision, It’s About Making a Million Small Decisions


Originally published in Entrepreneur

By Scott Wylie

I was lucky. I saw it coming.

Early in my career I started a bank in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was in a good place professionally and I liked everything about my role—the business climate was great, the community was supportive, and the weather was exceptional.

There was just one problem: my wife didn’t want to spend our entire lives in the Caribbean.

So we did what any good partners do and made a deal. We would only stay for five years, and then when our time was up we would move back to Denver and I would hand off my CEO role in the company I had started. It wasn’t how I expected that part of my career to unfold, but because of our agreement the decision was already predetermined.

The end was knowable. Which is usually not true for most entrepreneurs.

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Scott Wylie is Chairman and CEO of First Western Bank.