The One Metric That’s Causing Your Hiring to Go Haywire


Originally published in Entrepreneur

By Carolyn Betts

Coronavirus has upended society in a way no other event has in recent . Estimates of when life might return to normal vary by months, but the consensus seems to be that at some point in the near future we’ll be doing the same things we had been doing at the start of the year. Which means the same problems will greet us once we get back to the office.

The  is one of those problems.  by Glassdoor found that the average amount of time it takes to fill an open position has grown by nearly four days in the previous six years. Gartner, the management and  consultancy, recently conducted a similar study that focuses on white-collar jobs. The results? Standard hiring time for a white-collar role is a whopping 68 days, up 26 day from a study taken six years ago. Those extra 26 days can lead to staggering losses.

Take an enterprise sales position, for example. With a standard $1 million annual quota, your average loss in  every day an account executive post remains open is $4,150. Multiply that by the standard hiring time, and you’re out over $250,000.

Managers could blame everything from the proliferation of hiring committees to an increase in hiring tests and assessments, but there are smaller, everyday habits that also contribute to the issue.

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Carolyn Betts is Founder & CEO of Betts Recruiting.