This Is the Most Important Thing to Consider When Selling Your Business. (Hint: It’s Not the Price.)


Originally published in Entrepreneur

By Bruce Willey

I’ve seen a frustrating trend play out lately.

Owners of small to medium sized businesses give their lives to their work, and it’s my belief they should get back as much as they possibly can for all they’ve put in. But I can’t do that when I get a call not only after someone’s already decided to sell, but after they’ve already agreed to a deal—which nearly 10 of my clients have recently done.

I’ve written about the need to have a plan in place for exiting your business before, but this recent spate of calls made me realize it’s not just about having a plan. It’s about something both bigger and more basic.

When deciding whether it’s time to sell your business, you have to start by being honest with yourself.

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Bruce Willey is CEO of American Tax & Business Planning.