Why most consumer genomics companies fail


Originally published in Venture Capital Journal

By Florence Comite, MD

Consumer genomics was supposed to revolutionize modern medicine as we know it. The glass slipper and abracadabra of health care, democratized access to DNA testing was the closest promise to revealing each individual’s hard-wired biological fate. 

The pitch to consumers went something like this: spit in a tube, and, weeks later, receive in your mailbox your individual disease risks and trajectory, your strengths and weaknesses in the gym, your nutritional preferences, and the foresight to reshape your health destiny, all while avoiding turning into mom or dad.

Yet from where I sit as a clinician a decade after the revolution was supposed to begin, the promise of personalized genomics remains far off on the horizon.

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Florence Comite, M.D. is the founder of the Comite Center for Precision Medicine in Manhattan.