Here’s where you may want to invest in healthcare


Originally published in VCJ

By Dave Wurzer

Cities and states looking to remake their economies by attracting venture capital and business innovators to their markets would be wise to consider healthcare. There’s already been over $5.5 billion invested in digital health in 2019,  setting us up for the second most funding ever, behind the $8 billion-plus recorded just last year. 

But making a winning play in this space requires a keen understanding of where the trends are headed.  As someone who oversees investments in over 80 health care companies, I believe precision medicine, where individual genetic makeup, lifestyle and environment become part of disease prevention and treatment, is going to fuel the health care space in the next few years.

Within that field, here’s a few health care investment trends that we are keeping close tabs on…

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Dave Wurzer is responsible for managing the investment function at Connecticut Innovations, which includes staffing, portfolio and risk management, outreach, budget planning, and performance measurement. He also is responsible for oversight of the Connecticut Bioscience Innovation Fund (CBIF) and the Regenerative Medicine Research Fund (RMRF).