Where Should You Locate Your Business? Here Are 5 Vital Things to Consider.


Originally published in Entrepreneur

By Glendowlyn Thames

You’ve heard it before: Most startups fail.

Even with the most generous possible accounting, it’s estimated that at least 70 percent of tech startups will eventually flame out.

Yet startups are raising more capital than ever before. When the dust settles, it’s expected that venture capitalists will have pumped over $100 billion into the U.S. market last year. With so much money available, why aren’t startup success rates going up? Maybe because money isn’t the problem.

When startups are figuring out where their business is going to grow, there are critical, non-monetary resources that they must consider. And picking the right placecould mean all the difference in when — and whether — their business grows.

The real estate adage of location, location, location applies to startups, too. So here are five things to consider when looking at where to set up shop.

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Glendowlyn Thames is executive director of CTNext,  where she manages and oversees the array of strategic economic development programs focused on fostering entrepreneurship, startups and growth-stage businesses while cultivating a robust innovation ecosystem on behalf of the State of Connecticut.