Why impact investors love the education sector


Originally published in The Middle Market

By Alex Hicks

Up to now, the education sector has made up a relatively small part of the impact investing pie. The Global Impact Investing Network estimates that only 4 percent of the half a trillion dollars in total impact investments is devoted to education, far behind financial services and energy.

That small share, perhaps, has to do with the perceived complexities of the education sector, the traditional dominance of government in this area, and the difficulty of measuring outcomes precisely.

But there are signs that the market is changing as some big impact investment players warm to the education sector. Several recent developments and deals have highlighted this trend, suggesting it has the potential to become a theme for mid-market funds as well as the bigger players.

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 Alex Hicks, a director of MHT Partners, focuses on providing financial advisory and transaction-execution services to business-services and education companies.